eclipsecabinetryThe very best in American-made craftsmanship, Eclipse Cabinetry products are the culmination of more than 70 years of precision workmanship and design leadership. Best known for their stunning, furniture-grade finishes and extensive customization capabilities, Eclipse Cabinetry delivers designer cabinetry with quality materials and personalized solutions to satisfy the most discerning homeowner.

wood-mode-72Shiloh Cabinetry is built by W. W. Wood Products, Inc., a family-owned company since its beginning in 1977. The company setup shop in Dudley, Missouri, a rural town of under 300 people, and has remained there since the beginning. Dudley is a very rural town about 2 1/2 hours south of St. Louis, Missouri, in the “bootheel” of the state.

montalco-logoFor over forty-five years, Montalco has produced high-quality, custom cabinetry at affordable prices. Effective manufacturing processes and currency exchange rates allow the company to offer more reasonable price-points when compared with direct competitors. Customers can choose from a complete range of door styles and wood species to find the perfect option for any new construction or remodel project. Montalco’s customization capabilities also provide options for glazing, distressing, and antiquing to suit any taste or preference. You can view some of the brand’s finest product offerings here, and get a glimpse of what could be possible with your new kitchen. Montalco has grown from a family-owned business based in Vancouver, BC, to a nationwide brand with distributors located throughout Canada and across the United States. Take a video tour to see the company’s facilities first-hand and learn more about what sets the brand apart from other manufacturers.

wood-mode-72Premium custom cabinets crafted over 75 years presented in prestigious design centers known for premium Finish and construction. The name speaks for itself.